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Those crazy thoughts at 5 am

2012-12-30 05:09:11 by redjokerx

When you haven't slept in two days and your bagels start talking to the orange juice. I wanna know what you guys are saying, tell me your secrets!

So it's been like a year

2012-12-26 13:39:01 by redjokerx

And holy shit everything is all changed.....what happened!!!

well hey there kittens

2011-12-25 04:08:40 by redjokerx

it has been a ridiculous while...let's see.....

my birthday is in like 3 weeks! one more year till im not jailbait!!

sadly 2 days before my birthday ive managed to get myself a court date for curfew. at least it wasn't drugs or anything :P

i can't wait for opening presents, although my little brother (who has zero REAL interest in playing guitar) has managed to convinced our parents to buy him a brand new one. i saw the box and im super fucking jelly. my guitar needs a new friend because he is old and wants to retire

still working at the same place. still loving every minute of it

got into photography, my pictures are being showcased in the magazine our school produces (and apparently we win awards for it. yay)

i just realized how little i wanna post up here...real life harlot does not make for good internet slut


body art :D

2011-08-28 03:35:21 by redjokerx

broke up with boyfriend a few days ago, partied partied partied, working is going loverly, just got a new store manager coming in from some assorted northern state, im in my friend's room with a couple other people having a night of body art and its amaaazing!

i love drawing all over my friends :)

can't wait for coffee in a few hours -_-

got scouted :)

2011-05-10 14:41:26 by redjokerx

yay art! i might have to post more on here now XP

happy easter :3

2011-04-24 12:35:04 by redjokerx

i love easter, i get to eat sweets! (like cadbury cream eggs -drool-)

i just woke up, so im gonna put on some clothes and go be social :)

photo time!

2011-04-19 19:52:19 by redjokerx

today was awesome! i went swimming with my friends, ill put up a pic of my swimsuit a little later.

uhmm...creepy old guys were in the hot tub, it was weeeeeird.

oh! i also put up a drawing i did of my brother :) go look!

i got measured for a dress fitting, my ribs are 34" my waist is 26" and my hips are 36". that means i have an hour glass shape :D

i like this pic of me!

photo time!


2011-04-15 21:37:58 by redjokerx

a lot has happened in the past while!

still working at hot topic, i have to say, it's one of my favorite places to be! the people i work with rock <3

still writing, my character's have complete personalities now, each one is different! now there's no 'well this one is basically the same as this other one." each is their own. i love it because they seem so real :)


going shopping tomorrow for a bikini! i can't waaaaaaaait. also gonna get harry potter deathly hallows part 1 on blu-ray!!!! i haven't seen it yet.....

if anyone knows what ultimate frisbee is....ISN"T IT SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH??? those guys have no shirts and (at least the ones here) are pretty hot <3 apparently two of the guys that play on our team (but go to another school) think im hot. me gusta :)

i think that's it...see yah!

hot topic :D

2011-03-12 18:53:05 by redjokerx

work was amazing today, i love working at hot topic! its sooo much fun, cause i can ring people up now! we just hired some new people, ive only met 2, and they rock! plus, kassie gives me hugs :D

at work, we hung a rainbow stegosaurus from the lights :)

our regular (who shows up every saturday, for the past like YEAR) wasn't here! kinda made me sad :P
this other guy who's been in the store every weekend, didn't show up either, i think he was banned from the mall for drugs XD he's cute though, so i hope he shows up tomorrow!

my shoes and gloves came in, they look sooo cute! i also bought gears of war and bioshock for the 360 for my brother. i cant wait to give them to him for his birthday!

i re-cut my bangs myself, they look soooo much better now!

i think thats it.... oh! giant balloon full of helium + red bull + sooooo much sugar = happy me :)

new picture

2011-02-08 19:09:20 by redjokerx

i dont realy like this picture, the dress im wearing is so high cut! bleeeeeeeh :/

oh well, it shows my new hair :)